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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Jutters Museum Zandvoort.

This is some
pictures from
Zandvoort's Zee,
Mu - Zee - Um
at the zee front.

Every thing in
the museum has
been found as

the tide comes in.

Sea Museum

Some more
crabs, lobsters
and other finds
from the zee.

Sea Museum

This is some
more large
pieces of wood
and other objects
found in and
around the beach.

Sea Museum

Small treasure box
that was found with
a lady's purse inside.

Sea Museum

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Zandvoort aan Zee, Leeg en Verlaten

Oktober 2005

Het toeristenseizoen is voorbij. Het was een prachtige nazomer. Voor veel toeristen te laat, maar voor de inwoners van Zandvoort heerlijk rustig.

Street Chess In Zandvoort

Play street chess in Zandvoort all
it costs is a 'biertje' but try and finish
sober ;-)

Tourist Shop Closed

The beach shops
are closed for the

Its So Quiet Now

Now it is so
cold and windy
here at the beach.

This is why the
barr's and cafe's
had a bad year
and are not so
happy. There
was not one day
with all seats
were taken.

If you look in
the back ground
you can see the
boat crossing
from ijmuiden
to newcastle.

Barr's Are Gone

There is not
many bars left
now most have
packed up and
gone. One guy

came and lifted
the hole Barr in
one lift it was
like a container
'now that is clever'.

All Year Beach Barr.

As you can see
here this is the
only bar that
stays on the
beach all year

Kids In Zandvoort.

Zandvoorts beach kids
club at the seaside
there is a lot of organised
trips and fun days for
the local kids.

Looks like there
making a small cage
for this unlucky kid

Monday, October 24, 2005

Toutist Free Zandvoort

This was a quiet
day on
a early
October Saturday

Windy Season

Its been very windy
in Zandoorts sand dunes

Season Comes To An End In Zandvoort

Well it never really got
started its not been the
best of seasons for most
off all the beach bars.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Motor Bike Tour In Zandvoort

Not such a quiet Sunday when all these bikes were coming you could not hear your self talk
it was some sort of bike club tour.

Zandvoort Art Atack!!!

Sunday afternoon art in Zandvoort every one can try it or help the artist like this gay or you can do your own painting ther is a few on display in the van box nice way to spent a sunday though.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Cheese Shop Zandvoort

This the local cheese shop in zandvoort you can smell it from down
the street there is some nice stuff here.

Zandvoort Quiet

Not So Many Tourists Now


In Zandvoort Near Centrum
Great view of the beach if you life here.