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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Heat wave in Noord Holland.

Zandvoort aan zee Vandaag 30 augustus is het een prachtige zonnige dag om naar het strand te gaan. Iedereen neemt het er nog even van. Nog snel even bij bruinen, terrasje pakken, wandelen op het strand etc Natuurlijk is het ook heel druk, maar heel gezellig in Zandvoort. Hopelijk wordt september net zo mooi als eind augustus. It was a beautiful sunny day in Zandvoort on the 30th of August. Everyone who did not have to work enjoy their time on the beach, to get a nice brown colour, to have a drink or to make a nice walk. Hopefully the beginning of September is even nice as the end of August

Monday, August 29, 2005

Golden Sky Line

This was the sky at the end of another excellent
day in Zandvoort

Beautiful day at the beach

We went to the beach for a coffee

In Zandvoort centrum

Another nice day in Zandvoort

Een prachtige zonnige dag in Zandvoort

Audi display at the strand

This is the AUDI display as this weekend was the last weekend
for the racing at Circuit Zandvoort for this season so there was a
display of the Audi cars at the beach strand.

Audi Gebrauchtwagen plus. In Zandvoort for this weekends racing


Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Forgoten bike

This guy went for a beirjie!! three months ago..lol

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Narrow streets

Narrow street's difficult for taking pictures of the great architecture

Old statue

Old Figure



Busy Phone Box

Phone Box..

She's looking for her mobile!!!

Jeu De Boul

Jeu de boul

Zandvoorts band

This is kinda like the local band the in the summer when the tourists come to Zandvoort they play a lot and they play in Haarlem also im sure. anyway its cool music...:)

Zandvoorts local Band

Graet music

Monday, August 22, 2005

Just a leaf

Not a mouse my girlfriend thought it was

I liked it.

Just liked the picture

Roof Garden

Want a garden but no space just
put on the roof but don't sit out with the sun chairs. lol

Station Haarlem

Station Haarlem

Central Haarlem

Central Haarlem

Nice homes

Nice Home

Grotemarkt Haarlem Central

Haarlems grotemarkt


Grote kerk

Kerk Haarlem


Haal grote klog

een grote klog..lol

Tourist winkle

Tourist shop Haarlem grotemarkt

Grotemarkt Haarlem Central

Grotemarkt Haarlem Central

Lekker coffee drink

Grotemarkt Haarlem Central

Traditional Dutch Homes

Its so difficult to take pictures in Holland as the streets are so narrow especially very tall buildings..lol